Company behind LOHI is Finnforel – home of the global fish farm riot. We grow pure, healthy and ecological rainbow trout in safe and clean indoor conditions using an industry-altering Recirculating Aquaculture System RAS technology that allows us to monitor the entire production chain with full traceability.


We are growing our brilliantly flavored Finnish rainbow trout indoors, in stable, safe and pure conditions using renewably energy to power our industry-altering Recirculating Aquaculture System RAS technology while controlling the entire production chain from egg to the final easily cookable delicious fillet. We don’t do all this because it’s easy. We do it because it’s the only responsible way. We are the home of the Finnish fish farm mutiny.


We want to be the most sustainable fish farming company on Earth. We are a high in taste and low in waste with tiny emissions that produces the safe and fresh cultivated fish without toxic antibiotics or other bad contaminants. We do it by recirculating our pure and clean fresh waters while minimizing any food waste with ideal package sizes. We believe in circular economy, optimized logistics and effective production chains. We turn sustainable fish farming conscious.


Yes, we are fish farmers but we are also advanced tech company. RAS, the Recirculating Aquaculture System technology that we have developed, is an industry-altering revolutionary innovation. We believe in total transparency and that’s why our operating model is fully traceable which allows us to control the entire production chain from brood stock to the final fillet. Innovativeness is our mindset for curious, caring, versatile and ambitious group of low hierarchy people who care more about the survival of this planet than dirty quick growth. 


Yes, we happily are a Finnish company. That’s where our story began and that’s where we first concepted, tested and developed our unique software, technology and innovations. We understand the significance of locality and realize that to turn our fish 100% sustainable and fresh we need to be closer to our end-clients that ultimately cook and eat our product. Our business model already is fully scalable and we are ready to expand to overseas and build fully operational RAS facilities to multiple locations around the world. 

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